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Omnibenevolence. The prefix omni~ is Latin and means everything, all, everyone. Benevolentia is originally from Latin and means good will, good wish. Benevolence is an English translation of the Latin concept benevolentia. Benevolentia is called välvilja in Swedish and Wohlwollen in German. Unfortunately benevolence is a rather uncommon concept, probably because of it's abstract aspects. Amorism® (Amoristic dogmatics) reveals that benevolence is a very important concept in order to know the character of humans (and other mentally advanced beings). Therefore it is explained in the Amoristic creed

Jpg. omnibenevolenceOmnibenevolence is what Amorism hallows the most, but with extra explanations of the concept benevolence and the concepts all or omni~. Omnibenevolence is called omnibenevolens in Swedish. Before Amorism the concepts benevolence and love were too fuzzy. We noticed that there are many misconceptions when we educated about benevolence, love and Amorism. Therefore Amorism has created new and good enough definitions of such and other important concepts (like goodness, morality etc.). Amorism differentiates the concepts. That's important for better education, more exact language, less misconceptions and better developments of the souls. Amorism has our own definitions of omnibenevolence and other concepts. Some of other philosophers' definitions has so far not been good enough. Amorism also reveals that there is no true love without benevolence. Some humans can have (and God may have) total omnibenevolence. (That's one way to be a holy being. But Amorism does not depend on God, holiness etc.. Amorism still exists even if such don't exist.)

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Omnibenevolence is like universal love; which is allkärlek in Swedish. Namely, they are unclear concepts. I wrote about such concepts in the book Amorism. To be extra clear: omnibenevolence in Amorism means total omnibenevolence, in short called total benevolence, in Swedish: total välvilja. This is a registered and well described concept in Amorism; se below. That deminishes confusion. Amorism does not mean half-hearted benevolence to all beings. Amorism warns for the word love since it can mean impossible amount of love. Amorism says that benevolence must not mean other sorts of goodness like mercy, frindship or liking. Amorism also says that benevolence is easier to explain and "measure". Therefore Amorism often writes parentheses, namely: benevolence (love) and välvilja (kärlek). Amorism claims that total benevolence (total omnibenevolence) is possible, even for many human beings and for God, if he exists. In the year 2012 we founded and registered a religious congregation, namely a Church called Amoristerna, kyrkan för amorism in order to save important definitions, reveal less good definitions and to hallow a vision of total benevolence (or total omnibenevolence).

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2 kommentarer:

  1. Thank you for the good article. I remember many misconceptions before Amorism.
    Good luck with the development of Amorism. Kindest regards from Olof Vesterberg, Professor.

  2. Important article about very important words for all humans. You have clarified that benevolence is an important character of humans and other beings. Clarifications instead of other philosophers’ unclear or confusing explanations and definitions. You also pioneer by finding out that benevolence and the love-drive is crucial for behaviour, cooperation and quality of life. I’m looking foreword to help reading more of your texts and publications. I support you fully. Olof Vesterberg, Professor, M.D.


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