Police and psychiatry

Improved the 2020-06-17 at 01:11  o'clock immoral (legal or illegal); 20-06-14 unjustified treatment. This article was published for the first time the 2020-06-14 at 13:03 o'clock on www.amorism.cc.

Amorism® is not politics. Amorism is a holy teaching and religion about love, benevolence and virtues. I personally prefer information and articles to improve if one is disappointed on anything. You do not need to agree with me since amorism is a undemanding faith.

This article is written to my friend L. This article may be improved. I need to correct it. This article is not ready yet. 
Background to the article 
Jesus said: love God and your neighbour as yourself. 
Amorism hallows a undemanding vision which can be defined as: total benevolence to all beings exists in every righteous being even if the being can't implement such benevolence. 
The Quran and Islam is a religion with laws. Some punishments in sharia, the Quran are hard and rough compared to Swedish laws. I talked to the Swedish psychiatry and Swedish Police. They seemed to be kind. You were set free by the Police. After you escaped from the psychiatry the psychiatry said that you are not chased by the them. They accept your escape.

I don't understand how police or psychiatry would improve if Russia and Iran attacked Sweden or the USA. You wrote an own article "Jihad against police and psychiatry". (I've met another psychiatric patient expressing himself similarly.) I don't think that islam will solve the problem better, unless islam and others start hallowing total benevolence. Anyway your mentioned title shows strong discontentment. The 2020-06-14 I met you L. By coincidence I also met two other ex psychiatric patients J1 and S. After that discussion I asked (by telephone call) a third person who is also an ex psychiatric patient J2. All agreed in what I would say: you wish more politeness from the psychiatry. I would also help you to formulate your wish: you wish more love from the psychiatry; amorism says that amoristic defintions of love is important education. Amorism has a strength: amoristic terminology. Amorism has exact (unique) meanings of the concepts. You find the definitions in the links above (swedish articles). You also said that drugs are used too much and automatic; not as a consequence of verified need.
J2 earlier mentioned that psychiatry can be used as an immoral and dishonest way of oppressing persons. The legislation may easily be abused. Unnecessary and unjustified treatment: everyone who has been locked in in psychiatry is not mentally ill. Each such case is bad for psychiatry. But some unrighteous persons comitting wrongdoings in their profession as psychiatrists won't admit their immoral (legal or illegal) wrongdoings.

Conflicts exist between all creatures. In all groups there is competition or sometimes also conflicts between what is right and wrong. There are conflicts in all groups. But conflicts may have different spirits in different cultures. In larger groups of humans (in civilisations) there is police, instead of only individual fights and gang-fights. (In this article I include all judicial institutions in the police.) Many humans prefer police since it can save lives and health among the conflict participants. Other humans do not like what the police does. In recent years psychiatry has evolved. Psychiatry is nowadays taking part in solving conflicts. Before psychiatry conflicts were managed by the police or something similar or with fights between individuals. Psychiatry exists because some persons prefer psychiatry instead of individual fights, gang-fights and fights with police. No creature and no institution (no police-force and no psychiatric institution) is perfect. So if psychiatry is abolished there will only be individual fights, gang-fights or police fights left. Many humans prefer psychiatry since it can save lives and health among the conflict participants. Psychiatry tries to discern who are mentally healthy and who are mentally ill. Psychiatry tries to care for their patients, mentally ill humans. Psychiatry tries to help patients to live or to avoid unnecessary conflicts. The caring aspect in psychiatry differs psychiatry from police and other fighters. But psychiatry cooperates with police and individuals. Psychiatry may be in fight with persons they claim to be mentally ill and involves forced imprisonment (and forced medication). I write forced medication in parentheses since at least Sweden and the USA tries to avoid forced medication (I will check Russia and Iran). But it is common to use that. Different tricks are used to fool or force patients to “consent” or sign “acceptance” to psychiatric medical treatment. The Bible, The Quran and Islam does not oppose to such psychiatric treatments. Therefore psychiatric forced imprisonment (and forced medication) exists in almost all countries in the world. Of course also in cultures like Sweden, The USA, Russia and Iran. But these different cultures have different spirits (styles, approaches and methods) in their psychiatry and their police-forces. Individuals and gangs may have different spirits in different cultures. All these cultures include different forms of forced imprisonment (and forced medication). 

I believe that amorism (the holy teaching) can improve jails and psychiatric institutions.

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