Strategy against psychopathy

Improved the 17-05-10 at 08:33 o'clock. This article was first published the 14-09-18 on WWW.AMORISM.CC.

This article is intended to be improved, clarified by help of concepts from amorism. The book Amorism explains over 100 important concepts in more or less new ways. The concept amoristic human is nowadays, by amorism mostly called righteous human. The concept x-human is nowadays (
since the year 2015, after this article was written), by amorism mostly called unrighteous human/creature. The article is going to be updated wit the concepts righteousness and unrighteousness.

This article is not about amorism®. The main theme is unrighteousness. And my unique and new, innovative ideas, concepts and conclusions about such. Amorism explains most of the advanced concepts in this article. Amorims explains them in new ways. I have published about that since the year 2010. I hope this article will inspire research and education. Links in the article explain what amorism is, namely a new, unique, demandless, loving and forgiving faith. It is concluded in a creed and also in a short mantra. Amorism is unique for it’s freedom of expression, more than in other groups. My method for chairmanship and presidency gives more and better freedom of expression. Amorism likes science. Amorism does not depend on supernatural explanations and unproven theories. Amorism and Amoristerna, kyrkan för amorism was founded to compensate for of insufficiency in other ideologies and groups. I believe that amorism is one of the greatest hopes for the world. 

My ideas are also:

1. All creatures strive for power or influence. Unrighteous creatures do it more ruthless than the righteous.

2. All creatures treat different creatures differently, “discriminate”.

3. Unrighteous creatures find their own or their “allieds’ “ pride/vainglory is more often prioritized before amorism's virtues as: truth, humility, freedom of expression, scientific behaviour, total benevolence, love. More or less lack of these virtues describe the function of  unrighteous creatures minds, behaviours (and cultures). Therefore: sanctimoniousness; lies; ungratefulness; crap talk; crap amusements; crap activities; bad jokes (evil or nonsense); different sorts of evilness; un-amoristic oppression are more often accepted in many flocks. Most creatures are like that. Many x-creatures are too pride to admit this. Those humans who see that such is not optimal and wish truth and Amoristic love (Amorism) are righteous. Some humans are Amorist personalities.

4. Many creatures lack Amorism, namely righteousness, namely total benevolence. Many creatures support the herd/majority or the “strongest” creature even if it is the most dishonest creature. Therefore many act like herd creatures, instead of honest and Amoristic humans. By the way, I mean that Charles Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” is not the same as survival of the best, strongest and most righteous and most competent. 

5. According to amorism: Psychopats hallow their own egoism more than group egoism and amorism (total benevolence). But many (but not all) psychopats don't admit this. But normal humans rather hallow group egoism. Righteous humans hallow amorism (total benevolence). But righteous also understand that some egoism and some group egoism may  be necessary. But they let amorism (the teaching and the benevolence) direct egoism and group egoism. The concepts hallow, egoism, group egoism, benevolence, amorism (the benevolence) and more concepts are defined uniquely by amorism (the teaching).

Conclusion and partial solution

There are many qualities to consider when choosing leaders and others. Most important is to detect if they have enough capacity for love, namely amoristic love. The brain develops continuously. I think it is difficult or impossible to draw a sharp line between different personality traits. During development of the brain the abilities of the mind are developing gradually. In this article, the image of growing brains may support my idea of diffuse “borders” between different “diagnoses”. (But the image was not created for amorism.) One does not have to be intelligent to be amorist personality. But I think that lack of love/benevolence to all may be connected to brain function. Something extra is needed to be amorist personality. Because benevolence/love is not self evident. Benevolence/love does not come out of nothing.

To promote mankind optimally: the first solution ought to be to read the Amorist creed (more often), and to educate with it (and amorism). The creed tells children and grown-ups what is most important for everyone, namely love, truth and forgiveness for full happiness to everyone; and freedom of expression at least in amorist manner. The creed reveals the problems that psychopaths and other x-creatures create (much) more often than amorist personalities. X-humans have other meaning of their lives and actions, other than amoristic personalities. X-humans are restricted to egoism and group egoism. They lack true amoristic love. But they can be inspired by Amorism!

Talk (often) about the fundaments of Amorism with everyone! The Amorist fundaments reveals x-creatures’ dishonest! and opens for alternatives to the x-creatures’ egoist or group egoist ruthless and non-optimal strive for power. The more psychopathic x-humans are the more tendency to the following sins they have (some of the x-humans are very self aware of this, but not all, some lack self awareness): ruthless egoism – self-pitying – sanctimoniousness – talking crap – dishonest – lying – slandering – ruthlessly dangerous – lack of humility – intolerance to (polite) freedom of expression – envy – greed – ungratefulness (especially if they don’t win anything themselves with gratefulness) – inability or egoistic unwillingness to admit own faults (may in some persons be combined with stubbornness or vainglory) – The “seven deadly sins” fit here. The Amorist creed is the best guide to distinguish between good and bad.

Most x-humans reject or misunderstand amorism. It is important to inform individuals and groups with the Amorist creed and the concepts in it. It´s easier to handle or be with psychopats together with other humans. The creed is a guide for good behaviour!

Psychopaths and many x-humans think that reading the creed may be as “unnecessary” and “difficult” as learning language and spelling for some school children. Especially for themselves. They think it is as “unnecessary” and “disturbing” as traffic signs to some persons. It’s also boring for x-human children and x-human adults. The reason is that they are not interested in excercises for controlling themselves for the best of all. But may x-humans are interested in egoistic self control. Despite some persons’ unwillingness I think that amorism is more important than most other education, in many cases at least as important as language and traffic signs. Educate all humans, adults included, even if they do not understand fully!

A goal for Amorism is to: stop forgetting the most important – the potential of full love!

Motivation for conclusion

X-humans (psychopaths and semi-psychopaths) are one of the biggest challenges to mankind. In my concept x-humans I include psychopaths and semi-psychopaths (my concept). X-humans may constitute 1/2 – 3/4 of mankind. (I had no possibility to test the number/frequency of x-humans; it is an estimate and guess from my life experience.) The most serious cases are called psychopats. They are said to constitute around 5 % of the persons of mankind. But their “relatives”, the semi-psychopats, constitute up to 75 % of mankind. I believe that x-human personality seriously hinders optimal development of mankind by a factor of 2 – 3 (100.000 years or more for mankind). The x-human mind and persons create many unnecessary conflicts and dishonest and non-optimal conflicts.

All psychopaths and other x-humans are not evil. I class them as egoists and/or group egoists. Some psychopaths are also masochists, sadists, narcissists and/or have other psychic traits. Psychopaths may be everything from intelligent, well educated, leaders, presidents, doctors, psychologists, priests, imams, rabbis etc. to idiots and fools. (Some psychologists have own, serious mental problems.) X-humans are overrepresented in leadership since they get power primarily by ruthless behaviour instead of competence. That and blindness to such is the core problem and huge problem for mankind. Ruthless behaviour may be very bad in many cases and also painful and disturbing. It´s wrong to believe that x-humans are stronger, more capable, tuffer, more resistant and resilient than non-x-humans. X-humans are instead disabled in (at least) one aspect, namely the aspect of love: they are less free about love than amorist personalities. But they themselves believe that their own ruthless behavior is some sort of strength. To talk to x-humans about this is like talking to animals or children but most humans and x-humans have (much) higher intelligence and social skills than animals. Some x-humans may be brilliant in other abilities than Amoristic love.

X-humans can be all sorts of personality types. Some are agressive, others are passive, introvert, glad, sad or may be a combination of such personality types.

I mean that compassion is a concept that means ability to understand other beings’ feelings. I prefer to differentiate compassion from benevolence. That gives better, more precise understanding of the problem with x-humans. X-humans have different “degree” of absence of benevolence (and/or compassion). The “classic” psychopaths have less benevolence than semi-psychopaths. (Psychopaths may be the same concept as, or similar to sociopaths.) The classic psychopaths are said to lack compassion. But in my concept the disability to or lack lack of benevolence to everyone, or more precise lack of amorist love (expressed in the Amorist creed, see link). That is the most important trait in x-humans and other x-creatures. They may also be disable to (or lack?) compassion. Benevolence and compassion are matters of degree. Therefore there is no clear border between the two “diagnoses” – psychopaths and semi-psychopaths. I believe that animals are like psychopaths. Many humans are not aware of what psychopaths and other x-humans are. Some say “I was married to a psychopath for (20) years before I understood.” What is really tragic is that many humans, namely the great number of x-humans think it’s good or normal with x-human behaviour.

I mean: anything that is normal must not be good. Ask a flock of cannibals. There is cannibalism normal, but perhaps not optimal (for instance: some diseases are spread through cannibailism. And there may be problems with cooperation, values etc.). Many canniblas can eat something else thats healthier. But do they wish to do that? Anyway, I mean it is a huge problem if humans and mankind is not educated or aware of my idea of x-humans. The most severe problems arise from unawareness or ignorance of knowledge of the concept. Most humans, especially x-humans are yet blind to the problem! But not all since I have informed/educated several. Education ought to be Amoristic, which means in a loving, truthful, scientific way, which means: not as x-creatures naturally tend to do.

My concept for non-x-humans is amorist personality or simply amorists. Amorist personality should not be confused with all Amorists. Namely, (some) x-humans may be Amorists, namely supporters of the philosophy and religion Amorism®. Anyone can be Amorist, also x-humans. If they see and believe that amorism benefits themselves (and all in the long run). Yet, the corruption in the world is a sign of that the best will not come without knowledge and work, now for Amorism, which is the most important knowledge (or one of the most important knowledges).

My theory is that sense for love is developed during growth and life. It can be schematized in three stages. Before these stages the sense is mostly egoistic love if love at all(?). It may be only a reflex-like drive in babies. Later the sense for love may develop to egoistic love. Normal humans also develop a higher form of love which is group-egoist love (my concept). X-creatures and x-humans don’t reach the highest developmental stage which is Amorist love or Amoristic love (my concepts).

It is known in psychology and neurology that the (human) brain develops. Especially during childhood up to roughly 20 years of age. Although the brain develops during the whole life. Therefore it is not possible for creatures with undeveloped brains to understand or at least not for them to think some thoughts or feel some feelings. Brain development is affected by genetic, environmental and epigenetic factors and time. An example: infants and children cannot understand everything or at least not feel everything in the same way as for example grownups. There are differences between individuals. But the example is good to explain the difference in mental capacity of thinking between x-humans and amorist personalities. X-humans do not have the (full) mental power/development/capacity for amorist love, or they lack it seriously. Many x-humans think that amoristic love is weakness, impossible, contradictive, irrational or the same as pacifism or perfectionism. They misunderstand because they don’t understand how one can wish the best to all. Many x-humans understand the words and meaning of the creed, but they dont really wish that the meaning of the creed is realized/manifested fully. Amorism does not depend on any supernatural expanations, other philosophies and religions etc. But a good citation here is The Gospel of John 15:19 – 22, I emphasize Amoristic interpretation. But yet the meaning is that it is not optimal or not okay with un-Amoristic mentality and behaviour.

Many x-humans react to criticism like children who are rebuked. They may think that all reprimands are evil/mean instead of possibly being benevolent. They think that all humans are the same egoists or group egoists as themselves. X-humans may believe or respond that reprimands and fights are contradictory to amorism or other love. Some x-humans can understand benevolent reprimands in theory, sometimes after long explanation. Many x-humans do not wish to admit own errors. An example: X-humans cannot fully understand “love thy enemy” as Jesus Christ said. Many x-humans or x-creatures think that “love thy enemy” is schizophrenic, impossible, stupid or the same as pacifism or perfectionism.

I think the best way to diagnose psychopaths and other x-humans is by cross checking with the Amorist creed. X-humans are not interested in Amorist love which has focus on love, truth and forgiveness for full happiness to all (creatures). The creed also likes freedom of expression and scientific behaviour. X-humans behave like talking to an undeveloped child in this matter. Many x-humans can flatter, suck up, be sanctimonious and more. But some don’t understand at all. Others pretend to understand. (Most?) x-humans discard Amorist thoughts or do not see the importance of working with the concepts in the creed and amorism as a unity of important concepts. Humans with a well-developed sense for love (my concept) like Amorism also see that Amorism is important for good behaviour, spiritual development, development of personality and society.

An effect of different minds: different persons (x-humans) tend to develop or support other cultures/parties/religions than Amorist personalities.

By choosing Amorism you can improve life quality in the world! All (or most creatures) gain on Amorism, at least in the long run. Even if x-humans don’t fully like Amorism they gain on (at least in the long run) from spreading Amorism to their surroundings, friends, competitors, enemies. Example: Acquiring good knowledge may take time and work, but in the long run it pays off!

Thanks to

Mr Åke invented the concept x-människor [Swedish for x-humans]. I have developed, formulated and published about it (first). Thanks to Professor Olof for proofreading. 

Support the writing of new books and translation of Amorism. Link: Translation.

Some links to English articles

A) Total benevolence

B) English definition of Amorism

Hint. My private belief is: I don't have full confidence in persons who don't venerate the virtues of Amorism. The most important virtue is total benevolence. Amorists don't have to agree with my private belief.

Here below are the references and more links in Swedish.

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1. Amoristernas trosbekännelse ger kort förklaring: Trosbekännelse.
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Främsta hindret för din och världens bästa utveckling är att många har felaktiga eller otillräckliga idéer/läror, otillräcklig utbildning och alltför många illusioner. Många tror sig förstå tillräckligt, men det är alltför ofta fel. (Många tror t.ex. att amorism är omöjligt.) Men amorism förklarar hur amorism (välviljan och lyckan) är möjligt. Amorism är tillräcklig grund för den bästa utvecklingen för dig och alla (så många som "möjligt"). Amorism är inte svårare än många otillräckliga idéer. Ofta är amorism t.o.m. lättare att förstå och att förverkliga. Världen behöver amorism för att utvecklas tillräckligt och bättre. Amorism är en ny lära, ett nytt paradigm. Amorism bygger på att total välvilja och total lycka är möjligt. De viktigaste orden i trosbekännelsen förklaras i boken. Amorism (och andra goda och nya idéer) finns för att förbättra för dig och alla så mycket som möjligt. Läs mera om boken, länk: Boken Amorism. Där kan man även köpa boken. Utgåva 1 publicerades år 2016.

Länkar till andra artiklar på (Ver. 170203)  

Symbol för amorism® och Amoristerna
  1. Stöd och ekonomi: Ekonomi. Amoristerna behöver ditt stöd. Amoristerna är (hittills) helt ideell verksamhet (ingen har lön; och vi arbetar effektivt). Därför kommer varje gåva helt till nytta.
  2. Nästa möte: Möten och information(Alla möten har inte amorism som huvud-tema. Ofta hålls även föredrag om annan filosofi, samhälle, kultur, psykologi eller vetenskap.) 
  3. Boken Amorism: Boken Amorism. Amorism är en enhet av viktiga förklaringar av viktiga begrepp. Vissa förklaringar är unika och nya. Amorism är unik även i att likheterskillnader och eventuella samband mellan begreppen avslöjas och förklaras. Amorism ökar förståelsen och berikar språket. Felaktiga förklaringar avslöjas. Amorism är ett nytt paradigm (förklaring av ordet paradigm: Paradigm).
  4. Försvar för amorism, alltså apologetik. Artikeln är full av länkar till artiklar som visar (amoristiska) förklaringar av viktiga ord/begrepp. Artikeln anbefalles för dem som snabbt vill förstå det viktigaste om amorism: Apologetik 
  5. Amoristerna på internet. Artikeln visar de ställen på internet som är officiella. Amoristerna finns inte på andra ställen på www: Amoristerna finns endast här
  6. Amorism (total välvilja respektive total lycka) är realistiskt och mycket bra. Amorism är inte utopi. Två artiklar: 1. Total välvilja. 2. Total lycka.
  7. Amorism, idéer/nyheter jämförs med andra lärare och källor: Amorism educates. Artikeln är främst på svenska, men även andra språk finns i citat. Artikel visar behovet av amorism. Andra läror/lärare har (hittills) otillräckliga förklaringar av viktiga ord/begrepp som kärlek, välvilja, rättfärdighet, synd, gott, ont m.fl. Amorism avskaffar ej andra idéer/läror, men amorism har viktiga kompletteringar och förbättringar. 
  8. English article on amorism: Definition of amorism
  9. English article on the words love, amor and caritas: Definition of Amor, love, caritas
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  12. Hitta bättre på hemsidan. Hemsidan syns bäst på datorer. Ty där visas t.ex. funktion för att söka på hemsidan. Mobiltelefoner är enklare. Därför visas förenklat utseende och funktion. Men du kan förbättra visning och funktion ändå. Mobiltelefon kan fungera ganska bra: Läs på mobiltelefon
  13. Vetenskap är beroende av omgivande faktorer som politik och kultur. Otacksamhet, avund och narcissism är inte bra ersättning för gott samarbete och ärlighet. Jag tror att amorism är världens bästa kultur, religion och vägledning. Lär dig vad begreppen vetenskap respektive religion egentligen betyder: Vetenskap och religion
  14. Kravlöshet. Amorism (läran) är inte mot något. Läran kräver inte något (förutom av ledare i Amoristerna). Läran är endast kravlös utbildning: Amorism är nytt hopp för mänskligheten. En liknande artikel är Kravlös.
  15. Politik. Amorism är egentligen inte politik, men amorism behöver stöd av politik. Jag menar att parti/partier för amorism bör bildas. Parti för amorism
  16. Gott och ont. Ständigt pågår kamp eller konflikt om gott respektive mindre gott. Trosbekännelsen och boken Amorism förklarar: Uppmuntra inte sjukligt beteende. Om det svåra i att bedöma gott respektive ont.
  17. Orättfärdighet: Orättfärdighet. Alla önskar egentligen inte amorism (total lycka till alla). Läs om orättfärdighet en av mänsklighetens viktigaste utmaningar. X-människor är ett annat ord för orättfärdiga människor: X-människor. English article: Strategy against psychopathy
  18. Yttrandefrihet: Yttrandefrihet. Amoristerna har tydligare och bättre vision och trosbekännelse. Vi har bättre och mera ärlighet/yttrandefrihet och vetenskaplighet. Vi är tydligast för kärlek, nämligen amoristisk kärlek, som är mera än egoism och gruppegoism. Om gott ordförandeskap, det amoristiska: Om samtal och yttrandefrihet. Amoristisk metod.
  19. Spektakel. Många människor föredrar eller förleds av nöjen, musik, vänskap och spektakel, egoism och gruppegoism. Många föredrar det istället för sanning, vetenskaplighet, yttrandefrihet och amoristisk kärlek: Många människor "uppslukas" av spektakel.

Vänliga, amoristiska hälsningar till alla från Fredrik och Amoristerna!

Filosofen, grundaren och ledaren (biskop) för Amoristerna, kyrkan för amorism®.

(Bilden är från mitt föredrag om biologi på ett studiebesök.)

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